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Dive the amazing Bali with OK Divers

Bali is often referred to as The Island of Gods. We at OK Divers know from our experience that it is the island of mesmerizing diving too. Whether you are an experienced diver or would like to discover what it‘s like to float almost weightless through the clear blue waters of the Bali sea, we have something in store for everyone. See full offer of our scuba diving courses for beginners, advanced divers or divemasters.

Established in 2003, OK Divers is a 5-star dive resort with a highly experienced and willing staff. Let us welcome you into our Bali diving family and guide you through the beauties of Bali marine life.

We dive at more than 40 dive sites around Bali and in Padangbai. Each of them is different, all of them are amazing.

Our most popular sites feature:



  •  If you don't feel like travelling far from the OK Divers Resort & Spa but still want to enjoy beautiful healthy corals and diverse underwater life, then Padangbai is the site to dive or snorkel at.
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Manta Point

  •  Get ready for a thrilling rendezvous with Manta rays. These graceful giants can reach a width of 5 to 7 meters and although many people are startled by their size and rather large mouths, Mantas are filter feeders and eat large quantities of zooplankton. Although suited better for experienced divers, Manta Point is an amazing dive spot that attracts Mantas all year round.
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  •  Tulamben area offers several dive spots. With OK Divers you can visit the famous 120m long wreck of Liberty Ship, Coral Garden and Drop Off. These sites have several levels of difficulty hence they are popular with many divers. They also offer amazing snorkeling experience.  
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Crystal Bay

  •  This amazing dive site is located by Nusa Penida island and is one of the most beautiful in this area. Not only for its diverse and colourful fauna and flora but mostly for the famous Oceanic Sunfish also known as Mola Mola. It is said that you can spot them almost everywhere and nowhere at the same time because these up to 2 meters high shy creatures usually live in depths of 100 – 200m. However if you long to meet them in person, diving in Crystal Bay is your best chance as thanks to cooler water they like to float higher.
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Check out full list of dive sites around Bali with OK Divers.

OK Divers Resort & SPA - Dive Sites Bali, Indonesia OK Divers Resort & SPA - Dive Sites Bali, Indonesia OK Divers Resort & SPA - Dive Sites Bali, Indonesia OK Divers Resort & SPA - Dive Sites Bali, Indonesia