Bali Info

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Weather & Climate

Climate in Bali is tropical with a rather high level of humidity. Despite the rainy season from October to March, the weather on the island is reliably hot and sunny throughout the year.  Daily highs average around 30 degrees, other than in the central mountain area, where temperatures are cooler.


Local currency in Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), or Rp. Although many businesses list their prices in Euros or US Dollars, they are not allowed to cash in these currencies, thus you should always pay in the local currency.

All major foreign currencies can be easily exchanged in banks or money changers. Make sure to use the services of authorized money changers and always count the amount of Rupiah given to you before you leave the window. Ask for an official receipt.

Language & Orientation

The language spoken in Bali is simply called Balinese. Many locals also know Indonesian and many of them speak English too, particularly around tourist destinations.

Orientation signs are written in Latin. However keep in mind only the main roads are indicated so unless you have a gps navigation, you might have to ask for directions a lot.

OK Divers Resort & SPA - Indonesia, Bali Information OK Divers Resort & SPA - Indonesia, Bali Information OK Divers Resort & SPA - Indonesia, Bali Information OK Divers Resort & SPA - Indonesia, Bali Information


There are many taxis and private transport companies operating in Bali. If you prefer travelling in comfort with a reliable company, do not hesitate to use the transport services of OK Divers Resort & Spa.

Adventurous travelers can take advantage of renting a scooter which costs roughly around 50 000 Rp a day. However we advise you to be cautious as the Bali traffic can be rather heavy and chaotic. Bear in mind that you have to drive on the left side of the road.


Except for the hotel chains, brand or larger stores, bargaining price is vital part of Balinese culture. If you want to bargain like a pro and have intention to buy something, don’t be shy to start with an offering price. Keep your smile but be polite to the seller too.

If your bargaining isn’t going the way you wish, don’t be afraid to walk away. We guarantee you will get the merchant’s attention. 

Balinese believe the first sale of the day is lucky, but once you get your bargaining routine, you can get a good deal in Bali at any time.