Dos & Don’ts in BALI

OK Divers Resort & SPA - Bali Holiday Tips

Dos & Don’ts in BALI

Being aware of the local customs is always useful when travelling abroad. It might save you the embarrassment and also trouble. Here is some general information, quick tips and helpful advice about what to do and how, while on holidays in Bali.


  • DO wear a sarong & clothes with sleeves when entering a temple.

The Balinese are very serious about their spirituality, so please be respectful.

  • DON’T enter a temple while menstruating or if you have an open wound.


  • DO haggle in the markets and street shops. Humor and a smile can get you a long way in bargaining with locals.
  • DON'T haggle too hard. Remember 5000 Rp is likely a lot more to them than it is to you.


  • If you go to a hotel or restaurant in Bali, you might find that in addition to the government tax, there will be the service charge added to the final bill. Hence you don’t have to tip the staff. There is really no custom of tipping here, but if you do want to tip the waiting staff, porters or housekeepers, 10 000 IDR (20 000 IDR maximum) will make them more than happy. In many businesses, the tip money is usually shared.


  • DON'T touch persons’ heads. That goes for kids too, even if they are really cute.  The head is considered the most sacred part of the human body.


  • DO drink lots of bottled water. Bali is hot all year around and you don’t want to dehydrate.
  • DON'T drink tap water. It does not taste good and will almost certainly give you stomach problems.


  • DO use both hands when giving or receiving - It is a compliment to use both hands when you give or receive things like money or a business card.
  • DON'T hand over something with your left hand only – It is considered impolite.


  • DON'T point with your index finger or feet - Using your index finger or pointing with your feet is considered very offensive.
  • DO use the entire hand if you want to point out something.


  • DO take off your shoes when entering a Balinese’s house. Balinese often sit on the floor and it is not polite to walk around with your shoes on.
  • DON’T reject a second serving of a meal, it is considered impolite
  • DO leave a little bit of food on your plate when you are finished – as an offering to the gods as well as to let the host know you have had enough to eat.

OK Divers Resort & SPA - Bali Holiday Tips OK Divers Resort & SPA - Bali Holiday Tips OK Divers Resort & SPA - Bali Holiday Tips OK Divers Resort & SPA - Bali Holiday Tips  


  • DO drive carefully and cautiously, Balinese traffic can be frantic
  • DO wear a helmet, long pants, long sleeves and proper shoes
  • DON’T hold the horn for long, it is considered aggressive which will definitely be frowned upon
  • DO honk the horn briefly to let the others know you are passing



  • DO check out the amazing diving & snorkeling activities and PADI courses we offer at OK Divers. Padangbai and Bali in general offer numerous beautiful dive locations with colorful corals and plenty of reef fish – small and big , including the gracious Manta Rays and very special Mola Molas.