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 Padangbai Bali Indonesia

Useful information about Padangbai Village in Bali

Padangbai is a small harbor village on the Central East coast of Bali. Mostly known to young tourists for being the port for the Gilli Island’s fast boats, Pandangbai can be a real jewel for those who stop long enough to realize the small village’s hidden charm. Just over an hour from the Bali airport it is easily reached with the many taxi services or private cars available from the ‘south’.

With a range of accommodation varying from luxurious villas looking over the ocean, to a simple bed in a hostel style room, Padangbai has something to offer to everyone during their Bali holiday.

The village itself has three primary industries so to speak. It is a ferry and fast boat port, has a small fishing fleet and of course there is the amazing diving in Padangbai, if you include all the accommodation to house the guests of these, I guess you could say four. One of Bali’s biggest temples is also to be found here and is often the home to large national ceremonies, bringing people from all around Bali.

You will also find in Padangbai what the locals call Bias Tugal or for the travelers, White Sand beach. It is not the biggest secret on the Island but most people from the village, although maybe a little bias, will say is one of the nicest beaches around. Here you can spend your vacation on Bali relaxing on the white sand with a nice cold beverage from one of the small ‘warungs' and watch the world go by.

It is also an amazing snorkeling and scuba diving spot and it is not uncommon here to spot a turtle or few while floating over a beautiful underwater garden. You should not omit the Blue Lagoon, although it does not have the white sandy beach, the snorkelling and diving here is second to none when it comes to the underwater world around Bali.

If you’re already a certified scuba diver then the diving in Padangbai will truly surprise you. For a port village the reefs in the area are all in very good shape. The scuba diving here is rather diverse and you can choose between spending your time underwater cruising over the reef with tropical reef fishes, maybe a shark or two and some turtles, to searching out those elusive creatures our ocean has to offer with a dive trying to tick some things off your muck diving list.

Even if you’re not certified, the joy of the Padangbai’s diving diversity is that there are sites to suit you and introduce you to an unforgettable experience under the sea. Padang Bai really is a hidden gem for those that have been lucky enough to discover it. It may not have the nightclubs and shopping scene of the south or the numbers of young backpackers looking for beach parties, on the other hand that probably is what makes it so special. This unique little village really has it all for all of those looking for something different. Give it some time in your holiday schedule and it may just surprise you too.

Padangbai Bali Indonesia

Padangbai’s services and facilities

Padangbai may not have all the conveniences of the south but you can still get all of the basic things you need here. The village has approximately 5 ATM’s and they accept most forms of common cards, dispensing amounts up to two million IDR. There are a few money exchangers and although there is no great competition here, the rates are reasonable and they can usually sort out most major foreign currencies.

There are a few small convenience stores, stocking all your daily needs and a few basic medications and unless it is something special someone in the village will usually have what you are looking for. The village of Candidasa is only twenty minutes to the north and you can find a small pharmacy which has most things required to cure common ailments.

Where to stay

If you are looking for a touch of luxury then the brand new OK Divers Resort and Spa is the place for you, not only can you enjoy all the resorts’ facilities but it also has the added benefit of being able to combine your luxurious stay with a diving package. Padangbai also has accommodation for those looking for something simpler and there are a number of guest houses which offer dorm style rooms and single or double rooms. Whatever your fancy, the village will offer something to suit your needs so that you may rest your head at the end your day.