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OK Diver Resort & SPA - Massage

The Green Spa & Massage in Padangbai

Hidden in the atrium of our diving resort in Padangbai is The Green Spa. We invite you to step into our little world of relaxation and well-being where our skilled therapists will tend to your sore muscles and fatigued skin. We offer you a wide range of treatments and guarantee high quality products, professional approach and cleanliness.

The Green Spa is open daily from 10.00 am to 09.00 pm.

Feel free to choose from our treatment selection and kindly contact Reception desk for appointment.Tripadvisor OK Divers and SPA

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OK Diver Resort & SPA - Massage OK Diver Resort & SPA - Massage OK Diver Resort & SPA - Massage


Indulge yourself with a traditional massage that will relieve tense muscles and help stimulate blood circulation. This treatment is perfect for a deep relaxation and body tension release thanks to special pressure techniques applied.
60 min: IDR 180,000.
90 min: IDR 240,000.


Warm organic oils used for this fragrant massage combined with skilled moves of our therapist will take all your stress away.
60 min: IDR 180,000.
90 min: IDR 240,000.


This deeply relaxing experience consists of pressure systematically applied to feet and legs. Inner body organs are positively stimulated through massaging specific points. A state of relief and relaxation is a guaranteed side effect.
60 min: IDR 180,000.


Get comfortable in the armchair, stretch your legs and enjoy a relaxing foot massage that will stimulate your body organs.
30 min: IDR 105,000.
60 min: IDR 180,000.


Head, neck and shoulder massage consists of techniques that will not only ease the built-up tension in your muscles, but will have a positive effect on your entire body.
30 min: IDR 105,000.
60 min: IDR 180,000.


This 2 hour detox treatment begins with 60min Balinese massage and is followed by body mask application, which helps regulate blood circulation, detoxifies and reduces muscles aches. Finally you will relax in a herbal bath made of native Balinese herbs and spices for the ultimate refreshment and detox.
120 min: IDR 439,000.


Give your face a new healthy glow with our facial massage, suitable for all skin types. This treatment consists of face, neck, shoulder and hand massage. We use only local high quality organic products. However if you have any allergies, please consult the therapist prior to the treatment.
60 min: IDR 180,000.


Beautiful and well-groomed nails are the final touch to a flawless overall look. Our manicurist will clean, shape and nourish your nails and massage your hands for a relaxed feeling.
Nail polishing or decoration application is available on request.
60 min: IDR 165,000. (with nail polish)
60 min: IDR 195,000. (with nail art)


Feel light as a feather with your feet taken care of by our therapist. Starting with a warm foot bath and followed by a massage, scrub, nail shaping and cuticle grooming this treatment is just what you need after a busy day. Nail polishing and decoration application is available on request.
60 min: IDR 165,000. (with nail polish)
60 min: IDR 195,000. (with nail art)


15 min: IDR 56,000.


This alternative treatment is believed to be the cure for various ear and head ailments.
-  Both ears: IDR 105,000.


120 minute treatment, consisting of a Balinese massage (60’) and body scrub (30’) followed by a warm flower bath (30’), is great for relaxation, blood circulation and skin glow restoration. Pick a scrub you like the best: Milk, Green Tea, Coconut, Avocado, Papaya, Lemon Grass or Cucumber.
120 min: IDR 439,000.


Unwind from stress with our package treatment that consists of a deeply relaxing Balinese massage (90') followed by an Organic Facial mask (60') to revitalize fatigued skin, finished by your choice of our Spa Pedicure or Manicure (60').
210 min: IDR 475,000.


Relax side by side with your loved one during our Romantic Moments Package. First you will have a traditional warm foot bath to set you into a relaxing mood. For the couples massage we offer a choice of traditional Balinese massage or Aromatherapy massage (70’). After our therapist will have worked the magic on your stiff muscles, we will prepare a warm flower bath for you to relax in with a glass of delicious wine and the Spa just to yourselves. With candle lights, glass of wine and a bowl of fresh fruit with chocolate topping, your romantic moments will be embellished to perfection.
110 min (approx.): IDR 599,000.

OK Diver Resort & SPA - Massage

All products that we use in our Spa are organic and homemade by a local supplier. 
They are suitable for every skin type. However we encourage you to consult with our therapists whatever skin allergy or sensitivity you may have.

Products available for your selection: 

MASSAGE OILS: virgin coconut oil with essence of  Lavender, Jasmine, White musk, Green tea, Lemon grass, Frangipani, Lotus and Sensual massage oil.

BODY SCRUBS: Green Tea, Coconut, Avocado

All prices are subject to government tax and service charge. OK Divers Resort & Spa reserves the right to change the prices at any time without further notice.


Kindly contact reception desk Email: reservation [at] , Cell phone: +62 8113 8588 28 , Phone: +62 363 41790